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NMX Launches “NMX University“
and Offers Scholarship
for Content Creators
Over the past few years we’ve discussed offering a scholarship opportunity to a person or people who truly want to succeed as a content creator, but may not have had the means or availability to attend BlogWorld/NMX. This year we’re pleased to see our scholarship opportunity come to fruition.

Offered as part of our new New Media Expo University (#NMXU) educational project, this scholarship will provide a complete educational experience at New Media Expo in Las Vegas from January 6th through 8th, 2013, to one lucky recipient.

The Winner of the #NMXU Scholarship Will Receive:

  • A three-day Blogger/Podcaster/Web TV & Video pass
  • Travel from anywhere in the Continental United States
  • Four days hotel stay at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino
    in Las Vegas (while New Media Expo ’13 is in session)

If you’re interested in launching a career as content creator, or if you’ve already launched but somehow can’t quite get your efforts to catch on, we invite you to apply to attend NMX Las Vegas 2013.

Criteria for Applying for the #NMXU Scholarship
The #NMXU scholarship is, first and foremost, an educational experience open to all content creators. For this to work, we have to have a few guidelines in place before getting started.
Ready? Here are the details:

  • The scholarship is only open to content creators. Since NMX focuses on blogging, podcasting and webTV and video, we request all who apply for the scholarship fall into one of these categories.
  • The #NMXU scholarship is open to folks who are in the early stages of their careers or who are promising up and comers, but don’t necessarily have the financial means to get to #NMX. We’re totally going to be asking you why you feel you should receive this scholarship.
  • We can only get you to Las Vegas from the Continental U.S. That doesn’t mean we’re not accepting overseas candidates, however if you’re from a different continent, you have to land on U.S. soil before we truck you out to the conference.
How Many Winners Will We Choose?
Only one content creator will win the scholarship prize including three-day Blogger/Podcaster/ WebTV and Video pass, travel from anywhere in the Continental U.S. and four nights hotel at the Rio Suites Hotel and Convention Center in Las Vegas.
This doesn’t include access to BusinessNext, formerly the Social Media Business Summit. (But you can upgrade if you wish.).Two runners up will each receive a three day Blogger/Podcaster/WebTV and Video pass.

How to apply? It’s actually quite easy:

  • Fill out the application at the bottom of the page and include as much information about yourself as possible.
  • Tell us why you want this scholarship
  • Make sure you take special care with the essay question, which can be given in the form of a 250 word paragraph or a link to a 30 second video, 30 second audio.
  • We’ll let you keep your first born. We’re easy.
What’s the catch?
This is to be an educational experience. As such, the winner is expected to:
  • Attend at least 10 educational sessions while at NMX
  • Attend at least two networking events
  • Spend at least two hours on the exhibit floor learning about the latest tools and technology
  • Complete at least one guest post for the NMX blog describing his/her experience so future scholarship applicants can see what a great time you had.

Fine Print

Sorry. We have to have fine print. It keeps us legal and fair. So there are a few things the scholarship doesn’t cover. We don’t cover food, nor do we cover ground transportation to and from airports or around Las Vegas while you’re attending NMX. We also won’t be reimbursing you for any expenses incurred. We’ll get you to Las Vegas and make sure you have a place to sleep and the best darn educational experience possible.

You should also know that if you work at NMX or TBEX, used to work at NMX or TBEX or are related to anyone who works or used to work at NMX or TBEX, or any of the scholarship deans, you’re ineligible to apply. We’re not trying to be mean, but, again, we do want to be fair.

Who is selecting the winner?
Deans (aka judges) include :
Rick Calvert
NMXU Co-Chancellor
Dave Cynkin
NMXU Co-Chancellor
Deb Ng
Dean of Students, NMXU
Kelby Carr
Dean of Blogging, NMXU
Todd Cochrane
Dean of Podcasting, NMXU
Dean of WebTV/Video
Series, NMXU
Deadline for Applications:
We’re accepting applications from October 1 to October 31.
Winner and runners up will be announced November 8th.
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