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How To Build Your Blog Community: Three Top Bloggers Share Their Secrets

Blogging > Community > Building Community
Education Level: Intermediate

The biggest community builders online arent celebs that get mobbed at the mall. Theyre people with a passion who engage across platforms and build huge followings. Their feisty Twitter feeds, rocking hashtag communities, and clever YouTube channels take it all beyond blogging. Baby Boomer powerhouse Linda Bernstein will lead a discussion among three of the mightiest women in on the Internet: Country music queen Jessica Northey, lifestyle entrepreneur Britt Michaelian and geek extraordinaire Amy Vernon. Listen as they share their secrets for building a community that loves you and comes back for more.


1. How to find your community. Yes, you have a blog. But maybe thats just the beginning. Learn how to harness the power of the hashtag, or as Jessica Northey says, hashin with a passion.
2. How to keep them engaged. Yes, your followers want new content. But they also want YOU. Learn to keep your ear tuned for what brings them in.
3. How to expand your presence with new media. Blogs = great. Blogs + chats + video = youre everywhere. Theyll find you everywhere on the Internet and theyll want to.