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Journalism 101 For Bloggers

Blogging > Content > Content Creation
Education Level: Beginner

Dr. David Perlmutter presents Journalism 101. The most successful local social media content creators are those who build a brand reputation for professionalism as well as attracting audience numbers; often the two are accomplished in synch. “Going pro” means looking and sounding like a proand better yet getting the imprint of being a pro through an alliance with local institutional media like TV/online/print news organizations. This workshop will offer the “101” basics of what you can do to be accepted by viewer-readers as well as the local journalism establishment through enhancing your professional style, process and content.


1. The basics of style and form for word and video communication that are professional grade.

2. Tips for making your content attractive to media organizations as well as the publicto stand out from the vast horde of social media competition.

3. How to professionalize your own status and “look” via your website/social media platform.

4. How to contact local media to seek partnerships.

5. What local media are looking for in citizen content creators.

6. How to structure agreements for content creation with local media.