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Live Website Critiques: When You’re Too Close, You Can’t See It

Education Level: Intermediate

In this session, attendees will get watch a live, interactive walk through of pre-selected websites for a series of usability critiques. With over 10 years of website testing experience, Andy will help attendees understand how getting external feedback can provide massive improvements in both your conversion rates and the happiness of your customers/readers/users.

Note: In order to control session flow, Blogworld attendees must pre-submit their website to be selected for review. Attendees do not need to submit a website to attend or to get value out of this session.


1. Practical understanding of what website usability is, why it is important, and how to track your progress on improvement.
2. Simple ways to gather website feedback on a regular basis from their customers.
3. Real-life insights on how to improve their website today, without a lot of technical work or hassle.