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The 7 Deadly Sins of List Building

Blogging > Commerce > List Building
Education Level: Intermediate

Thanks to plugins, widgets and themes, thousands and thousands of business bloggers have become accidental email marketers. While obsessing about SEO, analytics, and what to write next, email subscriptions have become a casual put the form over there checkbox item – and forgotten.

Your email subscribers are, in fact, your greatest fans and probably your most under-valued resource. Commit any of these list building deadly sins and youre missing out on increased page views, revenues and engagement.

Learn about the 7 deadly sins of list building – and how to avoid them – in this informative and fact-filled session.


Attendees will be learn about how they are limiting their list growth; how to recognize the obstacles in theuir way and remove them; and will be able to apply the practical tips and lessons learned to their blogs quickly, no matter what service or product they use for their list management.