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Aaron Hockley

Aaron Hockley

Aaron Hockley

(Photographer, Hockley Photography)

Aaron Hockley is a photographer who partners with his clients to best tell the stories of their businesses and startups and the people that make things happen. Based near Portland, Oregon, Aaron works with small and medium-sized businesses on creative media projects.

Aaron’s tech background has led to ‘growing up’ with social media, and he frequently writes and speaks about new media tech and strategies for photographers and other solo/microbusinesses. Previous speaking engagements include BlogWorld, ten regional WordCamp conferences, SmugMug photography business groups, and several smaller or private events.

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Youre a Better Photographer Than You Realize: Photography Tips for New Media

Workshops > Photography
Education Level: Intermediate

Were living in a world of visual media. Whether you prefer Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, or Facebook, photography and visual media plays an important part in the social media and blogging world. Its not a question of *if* youre a photographer, but of how much. Professional photographer Aaron Hockley will share a bunch of practical photography tips aimed at beginning and intermediate photographers, with tips that apply to a variety of cameras whether you shoot with an iPhone or a high-end DSLR, youll find something that applies to you. An emphasis is placed in shooting for online use.

Most importantly attendees will learn how to see and control a key photographic element: light. After examining light (and how its captured by a camera), attendees will learn how to compose photographs that are ideal for online use and how to move beyond snapshots and into the world of photographic creativity.

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