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Alison Groves

Alison Groves

Alison Groves

(Product Coordinator, Raven Tools)

Need someone to tell it like it is? Alison calls a spade a SPADE. This Texas-born firecracker loves hockey, beer, television and Raven Tools. Little known fact: Separated at birth from 30 Rocks Liz Lemon.

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Link Building: The Best Marketing Strategy You’ve Never Heard Of


Everyone always asks, How can I rank #1 in Google for X? While Google changes their algorithm almost too frequently to keep up with, there is one constant of internet marketing: link building. Building links will not only help you perform better in the search engines, but also bring more attention to your site. Link building is really relationship building; learn how to accomplish that with social media, as well as good ol fashion hustle. Using several easy tools and strategies, you will be building links in no time.

1. More links = more site exposure and better rankings
2. Social media is an easy linkbuilding tool
3. Research methods to Link Building

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