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Amanda Blain

Amanda Blain

Amanda Blain

(CEO, Girlfriend Social)

Amanda Blain creates passionate, action taking, interest based communities. With an ever-growing base of followers across all social media channels, including over 2 million people having circled her on Google+, she is a tour-de-force in many social and technical areas. A self-confessed Geek Girl, wrapped in an extroverts personality, she is CEO of Girlfriend Social(an online networking hub for women), a speaker, a consultant to companies looking for assistance with their social media presence, and an enabler to the multitudes of fans reading her posts every day. She is an expert in all things Google Plus.

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How To Tie Google Plus And Your Blog Together For Increased Exposure In the Search Engines And More Traffic

Blogging > Community > Building Community
Education Level: Intermediate

Led by Amanda Blain with over 1 million Google+ Followers, this must-attend session will show you some underused ways how Google+ can increase your presence in Googles search engine with your already existing blog and posts and how to grow and expand your community. Why Google Authorship (the little picture of you showing in google results) is important and how to set it up in a few steps.

1. How to integrate Google Plus and Your Blog together
2. How to set up your Blogs Authorship
3. How To use these techniques to increase traffic, brand, and build community

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