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Annunziata Gianzero

Annunziata Gianzero

Annunziata Gianzero

(CEO, Ivy Media Group, Inc.)

Annunziata is an actor, writer, producer and unapologetic computer geek who works in film, theatre, television (and now web) in NY and LA.?? Annunziata co-founded Ivy Media Group, Inc. (a film and New Media production company) where she has co-produced over 100 films, commercials, musicvideos, film and theatre ad campaigns, and corporate online interactive programs. She worked in traditional media on studio films with Universal Studios, Propaganda Films, Chris Columbus 1492 Productions, National Geographic, Tri-Star and more.? She co-facilitates the NYC IAWTV Writers Group.?? Current web: drama action series Aces and Eights; dramedy Broken Fences; NY-based crime series Battery Park.

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Acting Up! How to Do Your Best Work for Any Screen Advice from Award-Winning and Nominated Web Series Actors

WebTV/Video > Producing

With even the biggest budget entertainment projects, time and money can be a challenge (*cough* Cameron), but for web series, its that proverbial, pesky elephant in the room. For actors, this means you usually dont get a lot of takes to deliver a great performance. Learn how the best of the best get it done!

Session Takeaways Coming Soon

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