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Bill Belew

Bill Belew

Bill Belew


Bill Belew is a professional blogger and pays his Silicon Valley mortgage through revenue from traffic to his network of sites. Bill has taken 10 different and unrelated niche topics to more than 1,000,000 unique visitors EACH and more than 80 million views overall. Bill is a published author and in-demand speaker: from Thailand to Mexico to India to NYC to San Jose. Bill teaches blogging, SEO and web traffic building to his network of nearly 4000 Meetup Members in the Bay Area of San Francisco.

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4 Concrete Steps to Get 1,000,000 Relevant Unique Visitors to Your Blog

Blogging > Content > Content Creation
Education Level: Beginner

This session will deliver 4 reasons why blogs are still the King of Social Media. Bill Belew will deliver 4 concrete steps that any niche topic blogger can take to get 1,000,000 real and relevant unique visitors to their blog or network of sites. He will discuss the different kinds of traffic: search engine, referral, direct and paid, and demonstrate which is best and why, as well as how to get that traffic. Finally, Bill will speak from real world case studies and give actionable steps for attendees to make a difference in their blogs today.

1. How much work does it take to build a quality site?
2. How is quality defined in a blog?
3. How often should a serious blogger post to get best results?
4. How long does it take before a blogger can see real traffic?

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