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Brian Rodda

Brian Rodda

Brian Rodda

(Principal Consultant, Brian Rodda Consulting)

Mr. Rodda has passionately worked in the online video space since 2007. As a founding member of Strike.TV, an aggregator for WGA written web series, Brian headed up the viral marketing department. He has worked with award winning digital series such as Husbands, Whole Day Down, Anyone But Me, Stockholm, and Squaresville, to create thriving online communities for their properties. Mr. Rodda has an extensive background as a performer, having done two nationals tours with The Kennedy Center and a bevy of regional theater. When not working with clients, Mr. Rodda can be found hiking Runyon Canyon.

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Social Media and Web Series: Shouldn’t They Get Married Already?

WebTV/Video > Marketing

If you were going to design the perfect couple, it would have to be the pairing of alluring Social Media with charming Web Series. Why do they go together so well? And how can you strengthen and improve their ties to your advantage? Let the pros counsel you while we head out to find a Vegas chapel

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