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Cliff Ravenscraft

Cliff Ravenscraft

Cliff Ravenscraft

(Podcast Producer,

Back in 2008. Cliff left his full-time career in insurance to pursue a career in podcasting. Since then, he’s helped thousands of people through one-on-one coaching/consulting, online podcast training courses, and through his Podcast Answer Man podcast.

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How To Market Your Podcast & Grow Your Audience!

Education Level: Intermediate

Most every podcaster wants to know, How Do I Grow My Audience? Many times they will say something like, Ive been podcasting for (insert number) of months/years and I only have (insert number) of people who are consistently downloading each of my episodes. Remember that each of these downloads represents a person/human being who are giving you the most valuable asset of that they have, their time. In this session, Ill share a minimum of twenty five things that you can do to ensure the growth of your audience and take your podcast marketing to a whole new level.

1. Learn about the power of a narrow niche focus for your podcast!
2. There will be a minimum of twenty valuable take-aways!

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