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Damon Criswell

Damon Criswell

Damon Criswell

(Composer, Damon Criswell)

Damon Criswell is a composer for film and television. In collaboration with Andy Sturmer, Damon has composed over 100 episodes for the animated series Kick Buttowski (Disney) and Fish Hooks (Disney). He recently composed the music for the dramatic web series Continuum with Blake Calhoun and is one of the nominees for Best Original Music for the Academy of Web Television Awards. Recent national advertising credits include national commercials for Verizon, LG, T. Rowe Price, Zendough, Ram, Land Rover, Samsung and Sony in which his music for a Sony Bravia commercial won best music for a commercial in shoot magazine.

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Music to My Ears How to Get the Right Music for Your Web Series


While it may seem logical that when youre creating a visual medium, the picture is all that matters, but the right music can make the visuals sing. How does this process work? Should you get a composer, buy production music, or have your cat take a crack at your keyboard? Music professionals discuss.

1. Composition vs. Production music: What are the pros and cons?

2. If you choose to work with a composer, where do you find one and how do you know if youve found the right one?

3. If you choose production music, what are some of the best sites?

4. What kind of contract details should you have/look for with regards to the various sources of music?

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