Dave Taylor

Dave Taylor

Dave Taylor

(Owner, AskDaveTaylor.com)

Dave’s been online for over thirty years, during which time he’s founded four startups, published twenty books, and earned both an MS Education and MBA. He currently writes for a wide variety of online publications and produces how-to and marketing videos for a variety of clients, including Intel, Kingston and TrackVia. Find him online at DaveTaylorOnline.com

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Quick And Dirty Video Production Workshop For Your First YouTube Video

Education Level: Beginner

“You should be making videos!” You hear it all the time. But how do you make that first video? Do you need fancy gear? Do you need classes? Turns out you don’t need much of anything and in this entertaining and enlightening hands-on session, award-winning speaker Dave Taylor will demonstrate every step needed to create your first YouTube-ready video. From writing a script to lighting and sound, recording with the built-in webcam on your laptop, editing, production and post-production with Apple’s iMovie, you’ll learn everything you need to make your own quick and dirty videos!

1. The need for adding video to your content mix and
2. How to write a short, effective script
3. How to record yourself with a webcam
4. Basics of using iMovie to produce a great video of your own

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