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Jason Cabassi

Jason Cabassi

Jason Cabassi

(Head Zed Head, The Walking Dead ‘Cast)

Inspired by The Lost Podcast with Jay & Jack, my pal Karen and I started The Walking Dead ‘Cast a couple of years ago. Since then, we’ve covered every aspect of the AMC show, and interviewed most of the cast members and several of the crew and creative talent. Coolest of all, in 2011 I flew out to Georgia to appear in an episode as a zombie. Our show, the #1 Walking Dead podcast, is fueled by our love of the genre, our desire to put out a quality product, and our enthusiasm for engaging with the listeners.

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Tips and Techniques for Building a Successful Fan Podcast

Podcasting > Community > Building Community
Education Level: Advanced

This session, led by widely recognized fan podcasters will share tips and techniques for building a successful TV show or movie podcast. Panelists will discuss how to choose the right show, how to build a community around your podcast, how to promote your podcast, how to use your podcast to serve as a gateway to discover your other content, how to build a relationship with a TV network, and how to properly conduct interviews.

1. Learn how to choose a topic to create for a fan podcast.
2. Learn how to promote your podcast to the the fans.
3. Learn how creating a fan podcast works as gateway content.

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