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John Meyer

John Meyer

John Meyer


John T. Meyer is the CEO of and Brofounder of 9 Clouds. John helps create understanding through visuals at by creating infographics, data viz and interactive graphics. A serial entrepreneur who started his first company in his college dorm room and is now on company number seven. John is a member of the Young Entrepreneur Council and in 2010 was featured as Businessweek’s Top 25 Entrepreneurs Under 25.

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An infographic is worth a thousand words (and clicks)

Blogging > Content > Content Creation
Education Level: Beginner

We all know a picture is worth a thousand words, so what is an infographic worth? John T. Meyer, founder of, a visual marketing firm, looks at the role of infographics as part of your content strategy and the value they can provide for your audience. The session will focus on the key elements of a successful infographic and how YOU can get started making your own infographics today.

1. Key elements of a successful infographic
2. Value or an analytic look at the impact of a successful infographic for your blog
3. Resources and tips on how to start making your own infographics

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