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Jon Morrow

Jon Morrow

Jon Morrow

(CEO, Boost Blog Traffic, LLC)

In addition to serving as the Associate Editor of, Jon Morrow is also one of the world’s most popular bloggers in his own right. Over half of the posts he writes go viral, and he was able to build his new blog,, to over 13,000 subscribers before writing the first post. Now that it’s launched, he’s gaining 500-1000 subscribers per week, despite only publishing once per week. And the shocker? He’s done it all while being completely paralyzed from the neck down.

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The Anatomy of a 100,000 Visitor Post: A Step-By-Step Guide to Writing Viral Posts That Get Massive Traffic And Shares

Blogging > Content > Content Creation
Education Level: Intermediate

Ever wonder what it takes to make a blog post go viral? In this session, Copybloggers Associate Editor Jon Morrow will take you behind the scenes of some of his most popular posts showing you exactly what he did to get over 100,000 visitors to a single post, as well as giving you a step-by-step strategy for how to do it yourself.

And rest assured, the advice here goes well beyond write great content. By attending the session, youll be learning some of the most advanced blog traffic strategies in existence, many of which have never been revealed in public.

Youll leave the session knowing how to grab a readers attention and less than half a second, create an emotional connection within 5 seconds, wow them with your content, and make them want to tell the world about your post. Youll also learn exactly how to askpopular bloggers and other social media power users for links, even if youre a complete beginner, and they have no idea who you are.

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