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Jonathan Shank

Jonathan Shank

Jonathan Shank

(Virtual Assistant Manager, Digi-Star, Inc.)

Jonathan Shank has been using Virtual Assistants for over 3 years on over 100 projects, and has a passion for teaching people how to use them to get more done in less time in their own businesses. He currently holds a dual role as an Electrical Engineer and Virtual Assistant Manager at Digi-Star Inc, and has a website and podcast dedicated to teaching people how to get the most out of Virtual Assistants for home and business.

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How To Use A Virtual Assistant To Produce Your Podcast

Podcasting > Content > Content Creation
Education Level: Advanced

Are your show notes a little thin? Could you use someone to summarize or even transcribe your podcast? Have an interview that could use some serious editing or finalizing? Short on fresh topics and ideas for your next podcast, but dont have time to do some in depth research. Well explore the many ways Virtual Assistants can help you with your podcasting, review actual case studies involving Virtual Assistants and Podcasting, and provide a step by step guide containing everything you need to start finding and hiring Virtual Assistants

1. Ways your podcast could benefit from hiring a Virtual Assistant
2. How and where to find good quality Virtual Assistants
3. Review 3 case studies of Virtual Assistants improving Podcastings.
4. Provide a Step by Step guide to finding and hiring your first Virtual Assistant

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