Marshal Latham

Marshal Latham

Marshal Latham

(Editor/Podcaster, Journey Into… Podcast)

I am a podcaster and editor of the Journey Into… podcast which features full cast audio productions and old-time radio shows. I am also a controls engineer. Sometimes I am even a writer. I live in Oregon with my wife and four kids.

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Tone and Emotion: The keys to compelling podcast fiction narration.


You don’t need to have a deep, resonant, radio-announcer voice to be an excellent podcast fiction narrator. The most important quality a narrator can have is the ability to convey vocally the appropriate tone and emotion of the writing. In this session we’ll talk about what you can do before, during, and after your recording session to beautifully capture the spirit and intent of a story, with your voice.

1. It’s not the sound of your voice, it’s how you use it!
2. High-quality podcast fiction narration begins long before you hit the record button.
3. Focus on specific components of the story as you record, and your narration will shine!

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