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Mitch Canter

Mitch Canter

Mitch Canter

(Chief Creative Mercenary, Studio Nash Vegas)

Mitch Canter is a WordPress designer / developer from Franklin, TN. He loves talking about WordPress, photography, and other types of creative artistry. He plays guitar, plays with his two kids, and plays video games – he’s a player in the best sense of the word!

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Advanced Blog Design: The Latest Tools, Trends & Best Practices You Can Implement Today!

Tools > Design
Education Level: Intermediate

Everyone wants the killer blog. Even if the content is fantastic, a bad blogging experience can turn off potential readers and/or clients. The good news: a good blog doesnt have to cost a small fortune. Mitch Canter has been designing WordPress blogs for 5 years, and is dedicated to showing bloggers and business owners the best way to get the most out of their blogs. Hell walk through the basics of choosing a good theme, working with plugins to get the best functionality, and some best practices on to make your blogs look and feel as good as its content.

1. Best practices with regard to design, color, and typography to get the most out of your theme (or choose a new one)
2. Plugins to help you get the functionality you need without slowing your site down.
3. Current trends and direction for modern web design, in laymens terms.

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