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Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn

(Owner, Podcast Host and Author, The Smart Passive Income Blog)

Pat Flynn is a father of 2, husband, and owner of the Smart Passive Income brand which consists of a very successful blog, podcast and YouTube channel. Pats approach to online business and blogging is complete transparency and honesty as he shares all of his experience with his multiple business ventures, down to how much hes earned and all of the wins and losses along the way. Currently, he particularly enjoys sharing his experience beyond the blogging with his podcast (with over 2,000,000 downloads), videos and public speaking.

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Proven Methods to Use Free in Your Business to Get More Traffic, More Subscribers and More Customers

Commerce > Monetization
Education Level: Beginner

The more you give away, the more you get back in return but only if you do it right. In this session youll learn how you can leverage the power of FREE online and use various techniques (and human nature) to get even more back in return.

1. Youll discover exactly why giving things away works so well, especially in the online world.
2. Youll learn tips and techniques that you can implement on your own website to tap into the power of free and get even more back in return.
3. The real reason why you need to catch onto this trend.

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