Rob Barnett

Rob Barnett

Rob Barnett

(Founder/CEO, My Damn Channel)

Rob Barnett is Founder/CEO of My Damn Channel, an entertainment studio and distributor of premium content. Since 2007, Rob’s team has built into a successful business where established and emerging talent from film, TV, and the Internet; loyal fans; and major advertisers create original programming inside the TV network of the future. Rob has created content with hundreds of diverse communicators including Bill Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, Rolling Stones, Jimmy Kimmel, Adam Carolla, Johnny Rotten and more. He was president of programming for CBS Radio and a senior production and programming executive at MTV and VH1 for over 11 years.

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Indie vs. Studio: What’s the Latest as Web Series Go Mainstream

WebTV/Video > Marketing

What happens when the 800-pound gorilla decides to make a web series? Well, everyone knows how well animal videos do, so it’s a good bet that a lot of people are going to watch. If you’re an indie producer, you’re never going to trump that kind of banana budget. But rest assured, it’s a huge playground and there’s room for everyone. Learn strategies to help every show find an audience.

My Damn Channel will answer every question possible about how to get content creators more of the distribution, promotion, marketing, pr, ad sales and cash that great original video deserves. We’ll talk about how major studios and portals are now buying premium content. And we’ll talk about how to best pitch.

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