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Steve Faktor

Steve Faktor

Steve Faktor

(Entrepreneur, Author, Digital Commerce Expert, IdeaFaktory dba Blue Beacon Partners, LLC)

Steve Faktor is founder of IdeaFaktory, where he incubates B2B startups, develops patents, and helps corporations innovate. Steve is author of Econovation (Wiley) about about capitalizing on America’s shift from consumerism to “producerism”. Steve is the ex-head of the American Express Chairmans Innovation Fund and led innovation and strategy at Citi, MasterCard and Andersen. He has created several $100M+ payments, loyalty, and mobile businesses and deployed three enterprise innovation programs. Steve is a popular global speaker and writes for Forbes and Harvard Business Review. He also leads workshops, ideation and workshops on future growth and his 4C’s of InnovationTM methodology.

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Social Influence, Why Brands DO Care


Interview with Susan Borst (IAB), Andy Levey (Cirque De Soleil), and Jon Dick (Klout) by Steve Faktor of Forbes

What the crowd will do next: How Social Currencies will Re-DEFINE the Economics of Work


In life, as in economics, incentives change behaviors – sometimes unintentionally. We rarely think about the amusing array of carrots and sticks in our lives. Still, as consumers, citizens, and business leaders, we are surrounded by them and resistance is futile. With the emergence of mobile and social media, it’s amazing how much some will do for virtually no reward. Corporate, consumer, and worker psychology is in the middle of a massive recalibration as lives shift from Metropolis to The Matrix. That psychology can be quantified and harnessed.

1. Explore the economic and psychological lessons from social successes and misfires
2. Predict the surprising future of this technology go and how it will impact consumers, employees, businesses and the cash economy
3. Empower businesses and individuals to find creative ways to capitalize on the rise of social currencies to drive customer engagement, career success and investment decisions

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