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April 13 - 16, 2015
Las Vegas Convention Center / Westgate Hotel
Las Vegas, Nevada

The Media Revolution Is Here!

The world’s largest electronic Media event is happening in Las Vegas, Nevada in April 2015. New Media will converge with traditional media to reshape the way information is expressed and released for the future!


Be a part of the most exciting event in New Media History. New media content creators have been coming together since 2007 when BlogWorld opened its doors to the 1st New Media Expo.

98,000 bloggers, podcasters, web TV creators, traditional radio and TV broadcasters, producers, celebrities, media executives and social media marketers will all converge for 4 days to share with each other what is working right now and confess what isn’t working anymore. They will reveal the latest technology, tools, strategies and ideas  before  anyone else in  the world . Sees them next April 13 – 16.

The Media Revolution Is Now!


If you look back in time 45 years ago, to a little musical event held in upstate New York, you may not have been able to predict the revolution that was about to occur that weekend. In fact, you might not have even realized this would be the event that changed how music and musical events were measured from that day forward.

Some of the biggest names never heard of were there. Oh yeah, you would know them now. Jump forward in time, and now everyone’s heard about that weekend and talks about it as though they were there. But no one predicted what would happen. And many regretted not being part of this moment in history.

Today the stories from this event are legendary. Those who were there remember how things were before that weekend and how things forever changed afterwards.. The rest of the world only understood these changes after they happened.

That little event was called Woodstock. Ever heard of it?  Could you imagine what the world would be like today, if Woodstock never happened?

So… what does this musical event have to do with you and new media?


The traditional media is worried more now than ever about how they have lost their monopoly on information, how it is broadcast, who says what and when.

Guess what? They want it back.

But what they don’t realize is they have already lost complete control and the industry is being reshaped and now they have to participate instead of monopolize.

Since the first new media expo in 2007 the revolution has been happening before our very eyes.

Just turn on your radio or television.  You can see and hear more and more traditional broadcasters turning to the power of new media to reach millions of people around the world who were previously  outside the reach of their broadcast capabilities.

News broadcasters are turning to videos recorded from phones and incorporating them into their programming…

Broadcasters are answering tweets during live shows…

Vine videos are getting attention for business owners to get more customers…

Podcasters now can get just as much attention from the public as a television show!

It’s all happening now.

Right now is your opportunity to shape the future of human communication.

Content creators around the world; many who have never had the platform to express themselves before, now have the power to share their content with an audience all over the world.

The “Old guard” of Entertainers and CEO’s alike are all learning how to leverage the power of new media to be seen, heard and followed by billions outside of traditional marketing methods.

The Media Revolution Is You!


And just who is going to be there?

The group of people you will rub shoulders with at NMX in April 2015 are: content creators just like you. Bloggers, Podcasters, Web TV producers, social media visionaires, and CEO’s will all be coming to NMX 2015.

The amazing thing is they are all coming together in one place to share and learn what’s working now and what isn’t working anymore.

NMX (New Media Expo) will hold its 8th annual event at the Las Vegas Convention Center alongside the NAB Show (National Association of Broadcasters) the week of April 13-16, 2015. 98,000 +  will converge on the city of Las Vegas to Learn, Share, Network, Tweet, Blog, Podcast, Broadcast, record and document history in the making at this  one of a kind event!

We live in the future. And the future arrives April 13-16, 2015 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Will you be part of it?

So you ask, what is NMX?

This isn’t just another social media conference.. It’s so much more than that.

  • It is a revolution.
  • It’s a place where creators like you can get rub shoulders with major media companies as well the worlds leading new content creators.
  • It’s about what marketers and executives need to understand in order to engage this new group of content creators and engage them face to face.
  • It’s about a transformation in media happening before our very eyes with every new Vine published.
  • It’s millions of impressions made across the internet with pictures, posts and pins taken LIVE from the event epicenter, where the rest of the world will want to be.
  • It’s about a celebration of media – new and old.
  • And oh yes, it’s about the evening networking events where the real power of networking and building lifelong friendships happen.

Influence has changed forever…

                             and it seems to have happened almost overnight.

Want to know the real secret to influence in 2015?

Content creators today aren’t just big media companies and marketing experts.; They are people just like you.

Influence no longer just comes from traditional media outlets who’ve always controlled who gets media exposure based on the messages they choose.

Learn the secrets now!

While others fail with tired old models, you will be ahead of the curve:

  • Why are some podcasters attracting millions of downloads while others fail to get off the ground?
  • How do some bloggers get “not just some attention” but all the attention while others fall on deaf ears?
  • Is it too late to become a successful web video creator?

Here are just a few things you will be able to learn at NMX 2015:

The leading experts will be at New Media Expo to show you what they’re doing now to create engaging content, build a loyal audience and  and monetize their content. They will provide real examples and detailed steps onyou can follow the systems they use and do the same to springboard your content  or company.

  • Just one tweak you can make to your YouTube channel (hint it has to do with RSS feeds) and get TOP Ranking on Google!
  • When you should be tweeting or retweeting someone and their post.
  • What types of videos really gather attention.
  • The best way to get your content discovered in a noisy world.
  • How to get people to beg you for their attention.

This quick quiz will help you decide whether to attend  

If you’re considering coming to the next NMX as it co-locates with NAB Show, and wonder if you belong there, here are a few questions to help you determine how you’ll benefit from being in Vegas in April 2015.

HINT: If just ones applies, you should attend.

  • ‰       Are you a content creator who wants to improve your craft, build your community, and monetize your content?
  • ‰       Do you want to network with the “New Influencers” and learn from the most successful podcasters, bloggers, video creators and social media superstars?
  • ‰       Do you want to know the current strategies that will propel your content in 2015?
  • ‰       Do you enjoy meeting people just like you from all over the world who are just as passionate as you are about the media revolution?
  • ‰       Are you a  video creator looking to meet peers and experts who can help you take your video to the next level?
  • ‰       Are you looking for sponsors and advertisers for your content?
  • ‰       Are you looking for the latest tools and technologies?
  • ‰       Have you been looking for answers on how to use social media and content marketing strategies to give your business a competitive edge? content marketing efforts?

Remember, just one and this event is perfect for you!

NMX can help your business!

You’ll quickly learn why this is a MUST in 2015 because this information will affect how you market your business in the near future.

Remember those heavy books of yellow paper that were dropped off on millions of doorsteps just a few years back?

Yes phone books… Otherwise known as “the Yellow Pages”.

And who uses them anymore? (For information, not just a door-stopper.)

Probably not your customers…

And now you have to ask yourself, “Just how do potential customers  find me today?” and “What can I do that my competition isn’t doing?”

During the next NMX show, you’ll learn:

  • How to get massive media exposure and reach customers that need your products and services without the huge traditional advertising budget only big companies can afford even if you are a small business.
  • The best way to leverage social media for your company no matter the size or the industry.
  • How to get your company to lead the media revolution in your niche or industry, leaving your competitors to scratch their heads and ask you how you did it!
  • The easiest way to connect and build relationships with the most influential content creators in the world and have them help your business.
  • Get the Bleeding Edge information about current and upcoming trends in new media. (Bleeding edge is the parent of cutting edge, these are things you must know if you want to be ahead of your competition.)

To get a head start on your competition you must be in Las Vegas to learn from the experts with the secrets to help you succeed. Missing out on this event isn’t crazy; it’s bad business.

On April 13th through April 16th of 2015, there will be two groups of people in the world. Those who showed up to NMX 2015 and those who didn’t.

What story will you be telling your grandchildren 30 years from now? Will you tell them how you were at NMX 2015 when the Media Revolution made its mark on mainstream history?

It’s really easy to get started….

Top Ten Reasons Why You Want to Get a VIP ticket for this year’s NMX event:
(With 5 Exclusive Bonuses ONLY available to the first group of attendees who grab their VIP Ticket and Join us this April 13-16th, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada.)

  1. You’ll have access to attend every session offered by NMX – including the exclusive Business Track and Workshops not accessible to Content Creator ticket holders.
  2. Reserved seating for VIP Ticket holders ONLY. Keynote sessions fill up fast with standing room only in the back of the room, so this is the best way to get your seat right up front during keynote presentations.
  3. The Virtual Ticket Pass!
    Now, you won’t have to miss a single session packed with strategies, secrets and tips that the top influencers are sharing at New Media Expo when you get The Virtual Ticket to NMX.

    It’s the best upgrade attendees are grateful they bought once they attend their first show and realize how much knowledge is shared by the top experts in new media.

    Get ALL the Downloads from every session directly to your computer! You’ll hear every NMX keynote speaker and every break out education session that you had to miss because you were sitting in a different session. 

    (This bonus is being offered on a limited basis. Once these tickets are sold, this VIP Bonus will not be included in this VIP Ticket.)

  4. Walk through the entire exhibit hall featuring the NMX area filled with LIVE Stream web TV Shows, Podcast Shows, Media interviews and Brands looking to meet you. You’ll ALSO have access to NAB Show’s exhibitor booths filled with 1,000’s of exhibitors with the most exciting displays and random prize drawings given away all throughout the entire exhibit hall.
  5. You’ll receive exclusive invitation to our Private Facebook Group for VIPs and Speakers only.
  6. Rub shoulders with our speakers and sponsors during our privately sponsored VIP Networking event.
  7. Join the NMX Speakers on the keynote stage for our group photo with Rick Calvert, CEO and Founder of NMX and the NMX Team.
  8. Get access to our Exclusive Twitter list for VIP’s and speakers.

    LIMITED Bonuses for Early Bird VIP Ticket Buyers:
  9. Meet the Influencers!
    LIMITED to the 1st 350 Early Bird VIP Ticker Holders:
    We want to connect you at NMX! Since you’re someone who knows the value of VIP access and networking at the Biggest New Media Expo in the world, and are acting FIRST to secure your seat at this year’s Historic event, we want to connect you with other like-minded individuals who are influencers in the New Media Industry.

    When you give us the names of the three speakers you most want to meet, we will do our best to put our networking magic skills to work for you and set up a one on one meeting with one of your speaker choices during the NMX event.

  10. VIP Seating for 10th Annual Podcast Awards Show
    Only available to the 1st 250 attendees who get their VIP Early Bird Ticket.

    If you’re one of the first to get your VIP Ticket, you’ll also get a ticket to the 10th Annual Podcast Awards Show that comes with coveted VIP seating. (Once this group of seats are sold out, this VIP Bonus will not be included in this VIP Ticket.)

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