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Frequently Asked Questions


What is NMX?

NMX is the largest conference in the world geared specifically to bloggers, podcasters, web TV content creators, social media enthusiasts and all new media content creators. Besides learning from the very best speakers and educators in their respective fields, NMX is also THE place for everyone in new media, from beginners to seasoned veterans, to network, share ideas and take their online content to new heights.

What Kind of Conference is NMX?

NMX is a content conference. If you create content, distribute content, share content, or want to learn how to do any of those things, NMX is for you. NMX is for bloggers, writers, authors, podcasters, Web TV producers, online video and even those still into traditional media such as newspapers, television and magazines. If you produce content or want to learn to produce content, NMX is your conference.

How Long Has NMX Been Around?

Co-Founders Rick Calvert and Dave Cynkin began NMX (formerly BlogWorld & New Media Expo) in 2007 as a way to bring the content creator community together for networking and sharing ideas with other like-minded people in new media.

How is NMX different from SXSW or BlogHer?

We’re often compared to other terrific conferences, but all conferences are different. We’re not a tech conference, an interactive conference or even a blog conference. We cover all aspects of content creation and social media. There’s room for all the different types of conferences because we all fill a different need.

Where is NMX located?

NMX “East” is located in New York City, while NMX “West” has taken place in both Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Locations are subject to change so stay tuned to the NMX blog, website, Facebook, Twitter and forums to learn current dates and locations.

Who attends NMX?

Content creators, social media professionals and people who want to learn how to ramp up their web presence and use various online tools to raise awareness for their brands. Bloggers, podcasters, Web TV and Online Radio enthusiasts also come to NMX to learn the latest tools, techniques and tips.r

What does it cost?

NMX offers different levels on pricing depending on your plans. A full access pass offers entry into all our sessions, keynotes, parties, and networking events is our highest priced ticket, while an expo only pass costs under $100. Prices vary, so please check our current pricing plans.

Why is NMX so expensive?

A lot goes into producing NMX. In addition to covering the costs and salaries associated with both full and part time staff, we also spare no expenses in giving you the best experience possible. Besides paying union and service fees, we also have to cover everything from carpet to Internet. Sometimes, it costs us money just to plug something in. We do our best to keep our cost as low as possible in order to make it a more affordable event for you.

Is NMX located in a hotel?

It depends on the venue. Sometimes NMX is located in a hotel, which means our attendees are staying in the same building. Other times, NMX is in a convention center which means attendees have to stay off grounds at a separate location.

Where do I stay?

Before each event, we post a hotels page, check there for pricing and details on NMX’s partner hotels.

Do you offer discounts for students/educators/ (insert your current situation here)?

Currently we don’t offer specific discounts for students or educators, but if you watch our Twitter stream and Facebook page you’ll receive details for the different discounts we offer to all attendees. And be sure to sign up for the newsletter, as discounts and deadlines are shared there too!

Do you accept volunteers at NMX?

Currently we don’t accept volunteers for NMX.

Can I watch NMX at home?

Indeed. We offer a “virtual ticket” enabling access to recordings and slides from all sessions, as well as interviews with the NMX team, top names in new media and the NMX speakers. You can purchase the Virtual Ticket through the registration link on the right sidebar of the event site.

How can I speak at NMX?

We generally put out our call for speakers six to eight months before each event. In addition to announcing on our blog, Twitter, and Facebook accounts, we also include a link to our speaker proposal form on the home page of our website. Stay tuned to all these channels for announcements

If there’s a current call to speakers it’s advertised on our website. We also make announcements regarding our call to speakers on our social networking channels including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, forum and the NMX blog.

How do you choose your speakers?

We choose speakers for a variety of reasons including (but not limited to) their areas of expertise, how engaging they are, recommendations from the NMX community, influence and ability to market their presentations. We like for our speakers to know a little something about NMX and the people who make up our community, and to also have knowledge in the topics relating to content creation and new media.

Do I have to be a famous name to speak at NMX?

Not at all. One thing we love is to introduce new or up and coming speakers to the NMX community. As long as you’re engaging, interactive and know your stuff you may have an opportunity to present at NMX.

How much do you pay speakers to present at NMX?

Currently, it’s not in our budget to offer monetary compensation to our speakers. However, we do offer a full access pass, entry into the speaker lounge (complete with snacks, beverages, and a quiet place to work) and a variety of P.R. opportunities to help build your personal and professional brand.

If I bribe you with chocolates/bacon/money/gadgets, will that guarantee me a speaking spot?

As much as we like bacon and gadgets, we have to decline with thanks. Sending us goodies doesn’t guarantee a speaking gig and we like to keep all our contenders on a level playing field.

How can I exhibit or sponsor at NMX?

Please contact our Business Development maven Patti Hosking at to learn more about exhibiting and sponsoring at our events.

Does NMX have an affiliate program?

Indeed we do. Please visit our affiliate page to learn more about how to earn through our affiliate program.

Does NMX have a blog?

Indeed again. Please visit the NMX blog at (new site to be announced soon).

How can I guest post on the NMX blog?

Please contact our Community Director, Deb Ng, at to learn more about guest posting on our blog.

How much do you pay for guest posts on the blog?

Unfortunately, we don’t have the budget to offer more than a positive vibe and eternal glory.

Do you accept advertisements on the NMX blog?

We don’t currently, but if we do in the future, you’ll see it clearly noted on the blog. However, if you’re interested in promoting your brand, products or services to the NMX community, Patti Hosking our Business Development Director has sponsorship options for you! Email her at

How can you review my book/app/product/ gadget on the NMX blog?

Please contact our Community Director, Deb Ng, at and he’ll let you know how to get your stuff reviewed – as long as it’s relevant to the NMX community.

How can I receive announcements about your different NMX events?

We have a number of different channels in which to interact with the NMX community, receive feedback and make announcements. Feel free to follow us on any number of the following:

How can I work for NMX?

If we’re hiring we’ll make announcements on our different social media channels.

Does NMX have a mobile app?

We’ve had mobile schedule apps for past events, and we’re currently working on a new mobile app for our conference and a more user-friendly experience. We’ll post it on our home page and share a link through social channels when it’s live.

Can I bring my child with me to NMX ?

Yes, you can bring your child to NMX. Please review the rules below.

  • All children must be accompanied by a registered parent/guardian at all times
  • A separate badge will need to be purchased for children over the age of 12
  • Children 12 and younger can accompany their parent/guardian but will require a temporary pass which can be picked up at the VIP desk (Children’s access will mirror the access of their registered parent/guardian)
  • Strollers are not allowed into the conference or on the expo floor
  • We ask that you remove noisy or disruptive children from sessions and the expo floor
  • Some of our sessions contain mature subject matter and language that may not be suitable for children

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