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Amy Bushatz

Amy Bushatz

Amy Bushatz

(Managing Editor,

Amy Bushatz is the Managing Editor of’s military spouse and family blog, an Army wife, mother of two and associate editor for Amy has worked as a reporter for The Washington (D.C.) Times, and The Federal Times, which is part of Gannet Government Media. Her husband is currently deployed to Afghanistan, which gives her a lot of blogging fodder.

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Militaryville – The Audience You Didn’t Know You Could Have


Thanks to their mobile lifestyle, military members and their families turn in overwhelming numbers to blogs and social media for information and moral support. How do you capture (and keep!) this hugely diverse population with very specific interests? Learn how to attract or grow a military audience as you expand your readership while making blogging pay.

1. Learn why blogging military means always writing for a reason.
2. Use military audiences to get read more and, in turn, get paid more by taking your blog to the next level.
3. The military is always a hot topic develop creative partnerships that will help you take the national stage.
4. Discover four surprising topics for military audiences on which you can write a post today.

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