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Chuck Wood

Chuck Wood

Chuck Wood

(Genius Programmer and All Around Expert, Intentional Excellence Productions, LLC)

Charles Max Wood was introduced to podcasts when a friend of his showed him his iPod and iTunes. He produced his first tutorial video for and launched the Rails Coach podcast in 2008. He began blogging in 2009. Charles is now the host of 5 podcasts at He is a freelance web developer and provides expert services and advice to people working on the web. He and his wife Heather live in Utah with their four children.

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Syndication: More than just RSS

Education Level: Intermediate

1. Your website is a program. RSS is one aspect of this program.
2. There are programs or robots that read your website to categorize it and share it.
3. You can make your website easier for these robots to read. (Think SEO, but theres more.)
4. How programmers approach building robots to read your website and then tell people how to find it.

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