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Jenn Swanson

Jenn Swanson

Jenn Swanson

(Passionate Podcaster, Communication Diva)

Jenn Swanson is passionate about communication and helping people improve relationships at home and work through great communication. She is an author, a certified coach, NLP practitioner, college instructor, youth minister and student of life. Jenn interviews fascinating people who share their wisdom about communication with listeners, works with individuals as a coach and leads workshops to teach groups practical communication skills. Jenn is always willing to talk and meet new people and is thrilled to be a speaker at New Media Expo.

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The Top Reasons Why Bloggers Should Launch A Podcast!

Education Level: Beginner

Successful bloggers dont just blog anymore theyre everywhere. The panelists in this session will share how podcasting, in particular, can take your blog and brand to the next level, helping increase the size of your online community with this overlooked, but powerful and untapped medium.

1. Learn the benefits a podcast will bring to your brand and your audience and how to maintain that over time.
2. Understand how planning your podcast properly will help you overcome obstacles and launch an effective podcast.
3. Know where to focus your energy and time so youre not wasting your effort.

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