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Kristen Nedopak

Kristen Nedopak

Kristen Nedopak

(Producer / Director / Actress / Host, Kristen Nedopak)

Kristen Nedopak is a Creator, Actress and Host of several series, including The Skyrim Parodies, Fight Class, Think Hero TV, Outta This World, and The Wheel of Time News. She’s the co-founder of The Geekie Awards and the founder of the ‘Geek Girls Create’ panel, and was recently named one of this year’s ‘Most Dangerous Women at Comic-Con’. Kristen is the 2012 cover girl for Faery World Magazine for her costume designs, and she’s been featured in Cupcake Pin-up Magazine, Girls of Geek 2012 calendar, The Mary Sue, Pop Culture Monster and 30+ outlets for her work in film/web.

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You know theyre out there the kind of fans who will follow their favorite projects, creators and stars to the ends of Middle Earth. But attracting their attention and their loyalty isnt easy. Learn the tips youll need to win them over and keep them coming back, click after click.

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