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Lauren Francesca

Lauren Francesca

Lauren Francesca

(Youtube Star, iwantmylauren)

Lauren has been making videos on youtube for 5 years. She is one of the stars of the hit series The Key of Awesome. She has been on many TV shows and Movies. You can see her on the third Season of Louie, as the character Kendra.

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You Too Can Build a Successful YouTube Channel


YouTube. Its so simple: just upload a video and wait for the clicks, right? Sure, if you have an adorable child whos being bitten by his brother, or a talking dog who wants a treat, or youre a South Korean musical artist with a fascinating dance move. For the rest of us, theres a little more to it. Learn the tips that will help you build your YouTube channel into a serious piece of online real estate.

1. What should you know about YouTube before you even begin?
2. What are the best tips for building your channel quickly?
3. What are the pitfalls to watch out for?
4. How can you get YouTubes attention? Do you even need to?

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