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Lauren Harris

Lauren Harris

Lauren Harris

(Podcaster/Writer, Pendragon Variety Podcast)

Lauren “Scribe” Harris is a podcaster, voice actress, and high fantasy novelist with an eye toward traditional publishing. She is the producer and MC of Pendragon Variety Podcast, a writing podcast for aspiring authors of genre fiction, and the director of the associated audio literary magazine, the first issue of which is due to come out in early 2013.

She has voice acted in several fiction podcasts, including: The Dunesteef Audio Fiction Podcast, Escape Pod (Episode # 266: Kachikachi Yama), The Dribblecast, Marshall Latham’s “Journey Into…” Podcast, and Guild of the Cowry Catchers (forthcoming).

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Using Comedy to Humanize Characters and Hook Listeners in Audio Fiction

Education Level: Intermediate

Comedy is tough. Everybody knows this. But its also one of the most popular elements in fiction. If you can make listeners laugh, you can say almost anything and keep them coming back for more. Comedy can humanize characters. It can break through a listeners prejudices and assumptions. But comedy is about more than just the words the characters say. Voice actor delivery and choice of music and sound effects all work together to achieve that ultimate goal your listeners, wearing their earbuds, laughing out loud to the puzzled stares of onlookers.

1. Humor is a tool of character development.
2. Humor has particularly power to hook a listener and create lasting fans.
3. Humor in audio is about more than just words.

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