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Randy Brown

Randy Brown

Randy Brown

(Freelance editor and writer, Red Bull Rising military blog)

In 2010, Randy Brown was preparing for deployment as a member of the Iowa Army National Guards 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 34th Infantry Red Bull Division (2-34th B.C.T.). After he unexpectedly dropped off the deployment list, he retired with 20 years of service. He then went to Eastern Afghanistan anyway, embedding with Iowas Red Bull units as a civilian journalist in May-June 2011. Under the pseudonym “Charlie Sherpa,” Brown blogs about ways to remember, support, and celebrate military service members, veterans, and families at: Milbloggies finalist, Veteran (2011); Reporter (2012) categories. 2012 winner, Military Reporters and Editors’ blog category

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The New Military Blogger


This session will look at the emerging voices in military blogging and new media. After a decade-plus of war the first person voices and commentary have changed. Who are these new bloggers and what are they saying about our military mission? How are different from the previous generation of milbloggers and who have they been inspired by?

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