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Rick Fox

Rick Fox

Rick Fox

(President/CEO, 1744 Entertainment)

Rick’s enthusiasm for new media and its unlimited possibilities is clear in his recent credits. Rick has appeared over the last year in College Humor’s “Jake and Amir” as a recurring character as well as continued skits for Funny or Die. In 2011, Rick teamed up with Michael Eisner’s, Vuguru, to create an original web series, ‘Off Season’, a hilarious comedy surrounding a professional athlete’s struggles off the court. In 2012, Rick’s 1744 Entertainment and HD Films have partnered up, in conjunction with Hulu, to create ‘The Rick Fox Show’, a new media talk show to air in 2013.

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Niche content: Create programing you love that can make money


HDFILMS INC. is production company, founded by Jace Hall, that is primarily focused on creating premium online content as well as film, television, and videogames. HDFILMS maintains numerous direct distribution relationships with top destinations such as Hulu, IGN, Xbox Live, Sonys Crackle, and LA METRO via Transit TV.

But how did this start years ago? How did HDFILMS take its first online show, the video game centric series The Jace Hall Show, from a single 5-minute pilot to a five season run with over 80 episodes, while converting that series into dozens of other online originals including Hulus The Morning After, Warner Bros. Computer animated series Chadam, Alicia Maries Cardio World, Stan Lees FanWars, our new 8 camera live-steam gaming show 1337LoungLive and dozens of other online projects past, present and future? Please come find out!

If you are just starting to make content for the web or have been doing it for a while, come join Todd Roy, Alicia Marie, Rick Fox, Jen Chang and Matt Vascellaro for the ultimate information exchange.

1. Examples of the actual work/time it has taken us to be able to make content that makes money.
2. Examples of how strategically thinking can save you time and energy when it comes to thinking about what you want to make.
3. Examples of taking niche programing and converting it into opportunities

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