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Shaun Spalding

Shaun Spalding

Shaun Spalding

(Assistant Director & Attorney, New Media Rights)

Shaun Spalding is an Intellectual Property Attorney specializing in entertainment, and a Professional Nice Guy specializing in positivity, mutual gain, and the ethical practice of law. Before making contracts and copyright his main hobbies, Shaun worked briefly as a commercial video producer and for several years as a competent-but-untalented graphic and web designer. Shaun likes working with passionate artists and entrepreneurs because he likes to think of himself as one as well. He sleeps well at night knowing that he spends his days helping artists, entrepreneurs, and consumers who need it at New Media Rights.

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Legal Ease – What You Should Know to Stay on the Right Side of the Law

WebTV/Video > Producing

Lets face it: the world we live in is multifarious. When your work involves posting videos online, youve just added a new, ever-changing layer of complexity to your life. What should you know about keeping out of trouble when it comes to copyrights, contracts, and collaborations? Legal professionals will answer your questions.

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