Podcasting Sessions

2015 is the year every smart business person should produce a podcast.

With smart phones and smart cars all coming up with the technology for the masses, this is the fastest growing trend in social media to get your content into the cars, phones and hands of your potential clients and fans.

With the masses tuning in to podcasts from their own car during their commute every morning, smart business owners are realizing the importance of producing their own podcast.

But where do you begin if youve never started a podcast?

Launching a podcast today is easier than it has ever been. However, theres much more than simply hitting the record button and publishing your content to the web if you are looking to produce a high quality, successful podcast.

NMX has assembled experts from the podcasting community who share their best tips for creating, distributing and monetizing podcasts. Whether youre just getting started, looking for advanced techniques, or you just want to network and grow with other podcasters, you can join us in April where the largest community of podcasters will be.

Heres a personal note from Dave Jackson the Director of Podcasting for New Media Expo who wants to meet you this year:

My goal for this years NMX was to get the best information delivered by the best presenters for you. And we’ve done it! If you want to make money with your podcast, you’ll want to hear one of our keynote presenters kick off NMX and check out Pat Flynn’s website. He made more money in a month than some people do in a year. Pat is a great guy, and awesome speaker.

Adam Carolla holds the record for the most downloaded podcast and is delivering a keynote session with Norm Pattiz who created Westwood One for radio, and now Podcast One for podcasting.

Every podcasting session we’ve set up for you will have strategies you can implement as soon as you get home from NMX. The buzz about New Media Expo is off the hook especially since we are co-located with NAB Show (National Association of Broadcasting) this year. I was at the very first New Media Expo and as I’ve attended them over the years, one of the biggest take always I always experience are the friends and relationships made after the sessions are finished. I solidified a co-host for one of my podcasts at a convention. I’ve spoken to people one on one that I never thought I would even meet let alone hang out with.

New Media Expo 2015 is going to be like no convention you’ve ever attended. There is a reason people come back year after year.

Who knows some day you may have a famous website with thousands of followers, and your story will start with, “I decided to go to the New Media Expo even though I wasn’t sure what to expect….”

Look me up when you get here.

Dave Jackson,

Director of Podcasting for NMX